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Mission Statement

The mission of the Banking Division of the State Board of Financial Institutions (the Agency) is to serve the citizens of the State of South Carolina.  This will be accomplished by the following actions. 

  • Chartering, supervising, examining and otherwise regulating the depository financial institutions within the Agency’s jurisdiction. 
  • Protecting the public from unlawful, improper and unsafe/unsound activities within South Carolina State chartered depository financial institutions.  The Agency will work to ensure that the financial institutions under its jurisdiction maintain best practices.   
  • Educating and communicating with the public, giving them the information they need to make informed financial choices. 
  • Operating a safe and sound financial system so that the public can have the highest degree of confidence in South Carolina State chartered depository financial institutions.  
  • Promoting the growth, innovation and financial stability of South Carolina State chartered financial institutions, allowing them to be fully competitive and profitable while offering a broad range of products and services that are both accessible and affordable to the public. 
  • Creating an environment in which the South Carolina State charter is the charter of choice for institutions headquartered in the State.